Service from Experts in Waste Management

Knowledgable and Eco Conscious Affilates

Profit from our Waste Management Network

You'll benefit in savings and knowledge from our affiliation with EWS and their nationwide network of Affiliates that have completed the EWS intensive training course on solid waste management consulting. The EWS network of seasoned Affiliates differentiates us from our competitors and has been steadily developing since 1995.

Your Waste Consulting hands-on support

We are ready to provide you hands-on and face-to-face support at your individual sites. Because we can team with other Affiliates in your area you'll profit from their unique knowledge of your local waste and recycling markets, which guarantees the pricing and personal service results.

Money Saving Success with Waste Management Solutions

Your guaranteed solid waste monthly savings

  • Improve your efficiency with our on-site review of your local facility performed by our network of company-trained Affiliates.
  • Benefit from our local knowledge of haulers competitive market pricing and our buying leverage of current EWS managed locations in your markets.
  • You'll receive a complete review of the equipment, collection and disposal components of your waste and recycling accounts.
  • Increase efficiency and eliminate accounts payable or soft costs related to review of multiple invoices and issuing multiple checks.
  • Control extra pick up costs.
  • Automation of seasonal adjustments in service.
  • Feel confident that you're saving money as we maintain close management of recycling commodity indexes, and related pricing indexes.
  • Control of "across the board" price increases.
  • Free your valuable time as we make sure to verify all landfill costs and other local cost variables including government regulated mandates.

Waste Matters improves your ongoing waste management by:

  • Providing you a monthly-consolidated billing statement or individual invoicing in a consistent format.
  • Assigning an industry experienced account manager to your account.
  • Forecasting preparation for your annual billing process.
  • Periodic site surveys to identify new potential savings opportunities.